Friday, May 29, 2009

PEO TV launched Swarnawahini

The Swarnavahini television channel is now on your PEO TV channel list with Time Shifted TV(TSTV) enabled. With high-quality programming, Swarnawahini is now a multi-award winning channel, identified among the top-rated television broadcasters in Sri Lanka. Because it is Time shifted enable you can watch missed programs with in two days exclusively on PEO TV. You can play/pause/rewind/fast forward(Trick play) the channel the way you prefer. The interactivity you need now is at your finger tips.

PEO is your Personalised Entertainment Option.............
PEO TV will bring to you what you need with additional flavor.

You can watch Swarnavahini on channel 06.
If you can not see the swarnawahini channel in your live channel list. Please reboot the Set Top Box (STB) to get Swarnawahini to your TV list.

Enjoy PEO TV...
If you don't have a PEO TV at your home...Get connected...

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