Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Internet access through TV soon - CEO, SLT Visioncom

A day will come soon when internet browsing will be done through the TV. While Sri Lanka has less than half a million internet/computer users in the country, there are over three-and-a-half million TV sets. Hence, if we can give the majority of citizens' internet access through the TV, I believe it will be a great opportunity and service to the people, said Chief Executive Officer SLT Visioncom (Pvt) Ltd., T. P. Weerasooriya.

Q: What kind of revolution PEO TV could make on the local media industry?

T.P. Weerasooriya

A: PEO TV, which is for Personalized Entertainment Option, using IPTV technology has already made the paradignm shift, where for the first time in Sri Lanka the subscribers can "Rewind Live TV" and watch what one has missed. The revolution of the IPTV lies in the fact that the future is going to be promising whilst being simple, fast and more interactive.

Subscribers in Sri Lanka today do not want more channels. With everyone's busy schedules the consumer demands the empowerment where they desire to control the programming. PEO TV has enabled to deliver the "Choice" and "Control" to the user, than having to accept only what is available at a given time.

PEO TV with the IPTV technology is a breakthrough that has made life more comfortable. We can look forward to receiving SMS, answering telephone calls, paying utility bills, personal banking, video calls, internet access and ordering your favourite Pizza via your television through PEO TV.

Q: IPTV was launched recently in Sri Lanka. What is the response from the public for this new television experience?

A: IPTV technology is a new concept to the Sri Lankan community and it is much more than just watching television. The Rewind, Play and Pause options itself have created an unmatched television experience among our customers.

The response from the public has been extremely good. People have realized that PEO TV offers a product that is unmatched by any PAY TV service provider in Sri Lanka. The concept of "watch what you want when you want" holds true for entertainment programs, but more so for educational programs. You get your entertainment and your favourite program any time of the day as you desire at your finger-tips.

Q: Any plans to introduce IPTV for the rural community?

A: This is where we find the real need. Rural communities seldom get the opportunity of enjoying an enriched television experience and we are always committed towards delivering our best service to all communities across the country. While international channels entertainment programs are needed we would lay emphasis on the local content in terms of enhancing Sri Lanka's culture, heritage, culinary delights and lifestyle.

With PEO TV, using IPTV technology Distance Education we can truly deliver interactive e-education services at a moderate price. Together, with features such as TSTV, On-demand, a student can study at his or her own pace and at the time convenient to them.

Q: What are your plans for the North East areas?

A: With recent developments, the North East has become commercially viable for business propositions. We are planning to enter these markets by extending our services with the intention of nurturing them in many facets such as education, entertainment and more value additions.

Currently SLT, our parent company is in the process of enhancing its Broadband network to cater to subscribers in the deep South, East and North. Together with other services we will take PEO TV to these regions in the not too distant future.

Q: With the IPTV what are the other services that SLT hopes to introduce in the near future ?

A: IPTV Technology is a hybrid version of television and personal computer. Hence the possibilities are unlimited. A day will come soon when internet browsing will be done through the TV. We have less than half a million internet/computer users in Sri Lanka and there are over three and a half million TV sets. If we can give the majority of citizens' internet access through the TV, I believe it will be a great opportunity and service to the people.

Q: Why did you choose this field as your career?

A: Firstly, technology and engineering are my forte because since my school days I have been very good at mathematics. Hence, natural progression was to study engineering. Thereafter, working overseas and in companies such as Philips, Motorola and Cisco Systems, who are giants in the world of telecommunication and IT has given me much experience in business acumen and to lead teams to be efficient and productive. Having the opportunity to serve and work in Sri Lanka has been great.

It is always enjoyable to engage in a role which allows you to enrich the human's growth needs such as infotainment. Providing it in a creative manner with the right intention makes it more motivating. The infotainment industry has always been challenging and turbulent. The industry creates the opportunity for me to test my own strengths every day in terms of being thoughtful and pragmatic.

Q: As the CEO of the company what are the challenges you face?

A: Challenges have been tough, demanding and great. What we have achieved in terms of a feature rich service delivery, say within a short period of eight months has been remarkable. Naturally the other challenges created by the socio-economic environment, especially, being in this industry, making proactive decisions has always been a challenge and customer demands make it more eventful to deliver the best to the end user.

Q: What is your advice to young people who try to climb the corporate ladder?

A: My sporting background has given me immense strength to tackle issues in professional and corporate life. It is always better to start with this in mind and set the objectives and principles to follow. Exert your efforts in the same direction while unifying the energy of your team in the same direction, constantly.

Thereafter, focus on your engagement levels, every day. These basics can take you to higher levels. As my beloved school Trinity Collage motto implies Respice Finem - Look to the End, and be yourself.

Q: How do you spend your leisure?

A: I spend my leisure with the family, watch television most of the time and the occasional rugby game to keep myself fit.

This Q&A was taken by Daily News

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KavanR said...

TSTV is clearly the best advantage of PeoTV, although I would have prefered a service like TiVo.

Thw TSTV "Channel eye" was down for 2 days(Aug 16-17), till I complained on 18th and it was then fixed. I got a call back from PeoTV telling me so. Doesn't PeoTV do a more regular check of their services to see if all channels are working properly.

Another funny bug is that TSTV shows a time stamp which is about 2 hours ahead of the actual program time. This is very confusing and should be fixed asap.