Monday, September 28, 2009

Sri Lanka Telecom PEO TV offers best of entertainment to TAJ Exotica, Bentota

TAJ Exotica, Bentota signed an agreement with SLT VisionCom, taking on its unmatched and unique PEO TV concept, which offers an abundance of entertainment optionsto the hotels customer base.

Speaking at the event, Mrs. Leisha De Silva Chandrasena said, We are greatly honored that TAJ Exotica, Bentota has SLT VisionCom as their partner, enabling us to give the very best Personalized Entertainment Option to theirguests.We hope to see our relationship grow from strength to strength as we enable them to take hold of more opportunities in the future.

Adding further, Mr. V. K. Prasad, General Manager, TAJ Exotica, Bentota said, SLT VisionCom has been an excellent partner and service provider to us, delivering on all of our requirements. They have been committed as well proactive in giving us an economically viable solution. The main reason that we chose SLT PEO TV corporate solution is that the picture quality is undeniably the best there is on offer in the market today. We have no doubts about the quality of reception, as it works during rainy or cloudyweather, which has been an issue to us and may also be for all hotels in the coastal belt. PEO TV will enable us to give our guests the entertainment that they deserve.

The guests at TAJ Exotica, Bentota will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of local and international news, movies, sports and entertainment from around the world at a click of a button. One of the main advantages of having PEO TV is the 24 hour service of an exciting array of international and local channels, access to amazing high quality MPEG 4 images and high quality audio irrespective of the weather condition.

PEO TV was the pioneers to launch IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service in Sri Lanka. It is the ultimate gateway to an all in one entertainment solution that fits perfectly into ones busy lifestyle. Simple, fast, interactive and affordable, PEO TV is peerless and gives you the ideal platform to enjoy the best of local and international news and entertainment at any time from any part of the world at the click of a button.

TAJ Exotica, Bentota, is an exclusive beach and spa resort managed by TAJ Hotels India and one of the famous five star hotels situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The hotel is located 60km away from Colombo and has162 rooms.

Photo caption: Mrs. Leisha De Silva Chandrasena, Chairperson, SLT exchanging the agreement with Mr. V. K. Prasad, General Manager, TAJ Exotica, Bentota. Pictured on the extreme left isMr. Thusha Weerasooriya, CEO, SLT VisionCom and on the extreme right Mr. Alex Thirimanne, Financial Controller, TAJ Exotica.


Chilly said...

great work people..very well done.

Jacob said...

PEO TV is the only IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service in Sri Lanka. So you can do marvels from that technology.
We need to see many PEO TV's every where around us..

Krishan said...

I got my PEO TV connection in February. But I didn't see much improvement in PEO TV yet.

It is good that you add some channels at least.

Kavindi said...

It is good that PEO TV expanding their horizons. But we only care what features and benefits you guys offer to the customers.
So come up with ideas to satisfy your customer base.

Anonymous said...

Thanks PEO.. to replied my sugestion. specially i have to propose most important thing from Vision Com (Peo Tv) for all PEO customer.we are not satisfied yet ur CHANNELS LIST. Please add more FREE CHANNELS on PEO TV ( like AXN, CINEMAX & ect; Compare with LBN satellite service provider).U are only the one of National servise provider. So, U can do more and more than the othere service providers. I think Ur VISION and MISSION will not be complete untill satisfy ur customer base.There for allways listening ur customer idea and do every thing u can do and GIVE MUCH AS POSSIBLE 4 US...! THANX....4 ALL..!

Krishan said...

Yeas Aakaash..

totally agree to your comments. We are expecting more service from SLT Visioncom.

Anonymous said...

We look forward to seeing a BIG changes from Vision Com On PEO TV SOON and We also hope that you would be able to IMPROVE the picture quality of the local Channels & All International Channels. JUST LIKE DVD ...! Thanx..!

cbsk said...

Peo tv should have AXN, Animal planet,BBC Explore, Earth. b cos
U r the largest telecommunication provider to the nation.

U have the technology & the infrastructure not like others.

kavindi said...

I have found a new blog PEO TV has deployed..
check this link here they write about the content they have and try to collect feedback from us: