Friday, December 11, 2009


Sri Lanka Telecom Peo TV reached another milestone yesterday when it announced the launch of its latest and exclusive local channel - Life TV.

The channel will begin test transmissions in the latter half of this month and hopes to begin full pledged operations by the end of next month, kicking off with the presidential election coverage. Life TV will be the first and exclusive local channel to be aired in the IPTV network.

Addressing the conference, Life TV CEO Kalum Palitha Maheerathne defined the station thus: "A channel that would portray life on the planet we live in which is shaped by civilisation and moulded by cultures."

He revealed that the station would bring together and enhance relationships between villages and towns; locally and internationally.

The virtual channel will be available only through the Peo TV network. The channel is expected to portray Sri Lankan lifestyles which would include music, culture and education related programmes.

SLT VisionCom CEO Thusha Weerasooriya commented: "We are on the road to bringing tuition class right to your homes."

He stressed on the importance of preserving national heritage, which he said was the motive of Life TV. Weerasooriya believed that "through other international channels that are being aired we hope to promote the local channels, which need the publicity."

The channel will include famous TV personalities such as Kosala Makuloluwa(Director Program), Piyadasa Rathnesinghe (Consultant), Lasantha Warusavithana (Creative director), Sanjay Withanage, Kaya Dias, Ravindra Munasinghe and so on.

Though SLT ADSL mostly operates in Colombo and greater Colombo areas, it also reaches areas such as Matara, Chilaw, Kandy and Anuradhpura. Weerasooriya stated that in the future they hoped to take Peo TV along with ADSL to the north and east when the infrastructure is developed.

He further added that operations could not be carried out as a result of the fibre network not being installed in the respective areas as yet.

SLT Peo TV is the ultimate IP TV gateway and provider of a total entertainment solution. More than 50 live channels, time-shift TV, channel memorising, live TV multi-audio and video on are a few features available from Peo TV.

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No IPL in PEOTV..PEOTV sucks