Monday, March 30, 2009

Pitarata Jobs coming soon

Pitaratajobs offers details regarding vacancies, employment agencies, currency rates, contact details of foreign embassies and other useful establishments such as the bureau of foreign employment, ministry of foreign affairs, department of immigration and emigration and ministry of labor relations and foreign employment.

The Pitaratajobs site also has many user friendly features such as a customizable job search that the user can customize by profession and country so that one doesn’t need to spend time looking around the site. Once someone has defined his profession and the country he would like to be employed in he will get a list of the vacancies available in that profession, in a particular country.

“A lot of people in Sri Lanka are seeking job opportunities abroad and right now information available for such job seekers is limited. We realized this and that was how PitarataJobs was born. Now job seekers need not be hassled by going from job agency to job agency looking for the jobs from countries they like. All they need to do is visit PitarataJobs on their PEOTV connection to find all that they require” says Shanali Fernando, General Manager of Infotechs International the creators of this site and similar others.

PEOTV invites you to take advantage of advertising opportunities that are currently available on Pitaratajobs, a site with a unique and constant audience.

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