Monday, April 6, 2009

PEO re-tells the Island's story

Sri Lanka Telecom VisionCom, together with Government Film Unit (GFU) proudly launches "Lak Roo" a new television channel bringing local television viewers a totally new experience.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday inaugurated the transmission of Lak Roo television channel conducted by the Department of Information during the ceremony to felicitate veteran film maker Dr. Lester James Peries who celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday.

The GFU was born with Ceylon's independence on Feb 4 1948.The GFU's first production was Independence Returns to Ceylon . It was shown at Temple Trees in 1948.The Government Film Unit, celebrating its 60th year, intends to channel such valuable resources to the public over “Lak Ru”, to latest television channel. This rare collection treasures works of Italian maestro Julio Petroni , renowned British artiste Ralphkin, and legendary Dr. Lester James Peiris.With many contributions from such legendary film producers, Government Film Unit possesses a diverse collection of documentaries of global repute and many popular films of yesterday.

The rare collection boast more than 24 international awards won in Berlin, London and other international film festivals. However, many local viewers are yet in experience such great cinematic adventures and the Government Film Unit hopes to telecast the collection over “Lak Ru” for their benefit.

“Lak Ru” can be viewed via 48th channel of SLT Visioncom’s Peo TV network round the clock.Yet every country in the world has jealously guarded its heritage of precious black and white news and documentary footage . With the advent of the PEO TV's vision that our film archives will re-tell the island's story. This PEO TV launch undoubtedly keep alive interest on the value of Sri Lankan's Documentary Film Industry and allow young Sri Lankans to look back in time for culturally important and aesthetically valuable masterpieces.

The futuristic television channel reigniting the heritage of Sri Lanka, Lak Roo brought to you exclusively on PEO TV !

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