Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PEO TV News letter

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LANKA INFO said...

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Anonymous said...

Few suggestions for improving the client base:

I have received my PEO connection just last weekend. It might be that I am not experienced enough to comment on it yet, but as I am going to disconnect my DTV by end of May, there are few things I would like to see in PEO. I am sure PEO might be working towards getting these fixed and such things would always attract new subscribers for PEO.

On the channels front, PEO does not have enough cartoon channels. Cartoon Network and Boomerang would be very interesting additions to PEO channel lineup. Boomerang has all the fine classic cartoons and even adults can enjoy them. Cartoon Network alone is a bit stale and would not do the trick.

The only series channel PEO has is Star World. I am sure a high quality channel such as Hallmark would again increase the number of series channels.

PEO has good number of movie and documentary channels. For a start up, I guess that is way more than enough. However, PEO needs to add Animal Planet to their line up as there is a considerable fan base for this channel. Further, channels such as SciFi and Cinemax would further improve the lineup and provide PEO with an edge over DTV.

On the sports front, the ultimate package is the Super Sports series with Multichoice. It might be expensive but it could also add value to the service.

PEO can expand its music channels with MTV Asia or Europe if possible, either replacing or as additional channel. Further channels such as MTV 2, MTV base etc, would also be hits locally, I am sure. VH1 is good but as everyone is offering this channel, it will not give PEO an edge over the competition.

A good collection of Tamil channels would attract Tamil speaking audiences to PEO. No other local pay TV service provider has a good collection of Tamil channels.

PEO does not have to give these channels for free. Some of them could be added to their lineup, but some other should be available for an additional cost. For example, additional music lineup for Rs. X, additional kids channels (CN, Boomerang etc) for Rs. X, additional sports for Rs X, etc, just like the availability of HBO channels. Customers will order them according to their liking.

Another feature which PEO can utilize more is the VoD. Creating a movie library of around 100 movies (a good mix of English, Sinhalese, Tamil and Hindhi) would be ideal to start up with. The Sinhalese movies which are there at the moment are mostly worthless junk, but PEO definitely have selected few good teledramas.

These are few points I can think of now. I will post few more ideas later when I get some mote time. Hope you guys are ready to listen to customers and change in line with customer needs, unlike DTV.

Conny said...

yeah i too agree with the above post... PEO certainly needs to improve the VOD feature with good quality movies in all three languages.....

Hope PEO would listen to its customers unlike DTV...

Pubudu Weerathunga said...

first I highly appreciate your comment.And it is very thoughtful.Please post more ideas you have..Your comment has forwarded to the management as it is..
I am expecting more comments on this blog to improve our services in future.
Thank you..

Anonymous said...

First i want to say Channels are good But You have to add more channels To base package Like this kind of channels Scifi,ESPN,Cartoon network,star Gold like this kind of channels Please add new Channels