Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick start guide

PEO TV has designed a new quick start guide explaining their features and services. This guide is featured with network diagram and labeled remote control which increases self awareness among PEO TV users.

This user guide is for distributed among the PEO users at the initial set up stage. You can get the full view of this images by clicking on them.


Supun said...

Good effort every one can get this leaflet..Any way I read it online. Very informative..Thank you.

kavindi said...

Again good job peo..I see you guys are now making right decisions at right time. keep it up..

Deshal said...

PEO TV has done a very attractive program schedule and I really appreciate that. The schedule is well designed. However, the program guide is not complete and also it could be linked to the guide icon on the channels menu too. Lack of a proper electronic guide was an issue and I guess this sort it out. I hope PEO would maintain it properly.

However, while we appreciate all these stuff, still you could not tell us on any new channel additions. Long overdue channels are Cartoon Network (and Boomerang), AXN, Cinemax, and Animal Planet. These are channels with high demand but still not on offer by PEO TV. Adding these channels will definitely help PEO to expand the viewer base. Guys, let’s get this done fast.

VoD is sadly still on the same pathetic state as it was before. This is a great revenue opportunity forgone for PEO. I just do not understand why PEO is not working on this area fast enough. Get some good Sinhalese, Tamil and English movies in here. I know that it might be hard to get Hollywood movies but you can always get good European movies as a start. However, popular movies are a must here and add few and see want the demand would look like. On the other hand, this will be a good marketing tool against competition too. So guys, DO IT!

Also, why would not PEO take the advantage of additional revenue opportunities? PEO has given the basic infrastructure. Now let customers pay additionally and upgrade their set top box etc to higher or better ones with added features i.e. HD channel reception, 1080p upscalling etc.

I can think a lot of things that you guys can do. I know it is easier to think than doing it and I am sure that you guys are doing your best to initiate a lot of things. I really wish that you guys would turn most of these things into reality.

kavindi said...

I have found a new blog PEO TV has deployed..
check this link here they write about the content they have and try to collect feedback from us: