Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SLT VisionCom ties up with Abans Ltd. to expand PEO TV dealership

Caption: Making greater connections - Sri Lanka Telecom Peo TV ties up with Abans Ltd. Looking on is (L-R) Priyan Perera, Sales Manager SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd - Outstation and Corporate, Malik Edwin, Senior Sales Manager SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd - Colombo and Retail, Thusha Weerasooriya, Chief Executive Officer, SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd, Leisha De Silva Chandrasena, SLT Chairperson, Tito Pestonjee, Director Abans, Dinesh Perera, Brand Manager - Abans and Sumudu Peiris, Brand Executive - Abans.

SLT VisionCom (Pvt) Ltd has tied up with Abans Limited, one of the largest retailers in the country with the aim of expanding its sales and distribution for Sri Lanka Telecom PEO TV.

Now, SLT VisionCom is able to offer PEO TV connections to its customers via the wide branch network and franchising units of Abans and A-Z Electronics in addition to country wide SLT Teleshops and SLT Regional Offices. Thus, the customers are offered much more convenience in obtaining their PEO TV connections, since they can simply walk in to their nearest Abans showroom or any of the franchising units, in addition to the SLT Teleshops and Regional Offices.

Speaking of the partnership between the two establishments, SLT Chairperson, Mrs. Leisha De Silva Chandrasena said, SLT is already in partnership with Abans on numerous avenues such as bill payments, SLT CDMA as well as SLT prepaid products. The collaboration of PEO TV with Abans Limited will be another addition to the umbrella of services which would add value to our customer services.

The CEO of SLT VisionCom, Mr. Thusha Weerasooriya who also commented, pointed out that they will be using this initiative to reach out to a wider clientele across the country.

“Abans is proud to be in partnership with Sri Lanka Telecom Peo TV and we hope this relationship will prove to be mutually beneficial to both the organizations and our valued customers”, said Abans Director, Tito Pestonjee.

Sri Lanka Telecom PEO TV was the pioneer in introducing IPTV technology to Sri Lanka last year, and offers its customers the chance of enjoying one of the latest entertainment mediums in the world. Its features enable the customers to view real time data and multimedia applications in the fields of business, education and entertainment.

PEO TV services facilitate a suite of famous international channels and local channels which includes the best of movies, sports, entertainment etc. SLT has also informed that PEO TV start up fee will be waived off for all SLT ADSL customers who wish to obtain a PEO TV connection. “They will only have to pay the monthly rental according to the package they choose”, added Mr. Weerasooriya.

Abans Limited, which was established in Sri Lanka in 1968, is one of the premier companies of the country that offer some of the world’s leading brands in household electric and electronic appliances. Their widespread branch network includes 300 showrooms country wide and 450 approved dealers across Sri Lanka as well as an outlet in Dubai.


Anonymous said...


I'm truly happy about the fact that PEO TV got itself advanced than before, but as well as your widening your service nationwide you should pay more attention to the customer in areas like brodening the channels, for example adding up channels like AXN, FOX , CINEMAX ,UTV world movies etc....!
As well as new local channels that have been added recently.
SPECIALLY you must see to it that PICTURE QUALITY OF THE LOCAL CHANNELS SHOULD BE IMPROVED *** Most of Local channel quality is very POOR on PEO TV ***


Anonymous said...

shall i tell u guys one thing???

b 4 expanding ur service, first take a note on improving the service provided and also on ur useless customer care services and also keeping up ur promises give at the time of getting a connection!!

without all these, i can predict that PEO TV is jst going down into the same hole that DTV is going into!!

kavindi said...

I have found a new blog PEO TV has deployed..
check this link here they write about the content they have and try to collect feedback from us:

Anonymous said...

peo tv must add channels like AXN,Hallmark,Cinemax,fx,fox crime
Very Soon!!!