Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gold & Platinum

PEO Gold

Start up fee - Rs 9950.00 + Govt. Taxes (Or Rs 5000.00 + Govt. Taxes each for 2 connections)
Monthly rental - Rs 1399.00 + Govt. Taxes
Number of channels for the package - 41
TSTV monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
VOD monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
Additional channels - On the relevant A – la – carte prices
Commitment period - 1 year

PEO Platinum

Start up fee - Rs 9950.00 + Govt. Taxes (Or Rs 5000.00 + Govt. Taxes each for 2 connections)
Monthly rental - Rs 1799.00 + Govt. Taxes
Number of channels for the package - 48
TSTV monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
VOD monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
Commitment period - 1 year


Nethni said...


thnx for updating Gold and platinum channel lineups...

Chilly said...

I think silver package is good because it has star world. PEO TV was lacking a movie channel in their base package, I'm glad that they have realized it. But still there is no HBO channels.
Still there are some unwanted channels. We don't need lengthy channel line up..just give us what we want to watch.

Can's you guys reduce the prices of gold and platinum packages. they are too expensive.

Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,

thank you for the info... thi is highly appreciated...

When will the hbo channels be launched or have they already been launched since its included in the package...

Also what new channels are expected specially in terms of sports which peo deeply lacks...

thanks n keep up the great wotk...

Shehan said...

(1)i don’t see any better of these packages. Seriously, im very disappoint with Peo tv .Look @ PEO platinum pkg man its just Rs 200 cheap than DTV all channel package. But more less channels  very sad man too expensive .
(2)As a existing customer what happen to us ? A we have to buy these new packagers?
(3)And also im not happy with poor quality STB. SLT ppl, pls do smthing abt that.
(4) And finally
If u think that “waiting for signal” msg appear only for some customers , its wrong man . Most of ppls getting that problem. Since most of customers are suffering that problem y u ppl waiting for our complains ? Cant u fix that problem by visit every customers place ? like u ppl did promotions ;)

kayhaytha said...


I think guys like you and me are hitting our heads against the wall trying to make PEO TV understand that that they have serious problems regarding the "freezing of the STB" and the "Waiting signal" issues.
I remember DTV trying to ignore the "Rain fade" problem when it was initially exposed hoping it would die a natural death. Finally DTV had to admit it was a problem associated with KU Band transmissions.
In much the same way, PEO TV which claims it transmits using a 3MB signal, is I'm sure using a signal of a weaker strength. This is why the "waiting signal" problem occurs with greater frequency at nights when the traffic is much greater. A quick check done by me among around 10 subscribers in the Greater Colombo Area revealed that everyone has the "Waiting signal" problem. So I feel someone out there is trying to bluff us by suggesting that the problem is "local" in nature.
There is not much point in complaining to PEO TV, because their technicians always call over during the daytime, when there is almost no "Waiting signal" problem.
With the expected increase in the number of subscribers, the "Waiting signal" problem can only become worse. My experience in watching watching the recent T20 match on Ten Sports could only be described as extremely frustrating due to the "Waiting signal" problem occurring at least once every 2 minutes when the match was in progress.

As a subscriber, I would rather have 10 clear reliable channels than 50 unreliable channels. Features such as TSTV, VOD, etc are the icing on the cake. However, if a cake is not baked properly, any and all icing however attractive will fail to cover up it's defects.

Anonymous said...

Can u please do something about the "waiting for signal" error which causes very frequent interruptions to programs. It's becoming a little frustrating. The picture quality is excellent but these interruptions are really frustrating. Please work on rectifying it. Thank u.

Deshal said...


Can you tell me if the STB is capable of giving me 16:9 pictures instead of the conventional 4:3 pictures?

If the STB is capable, pls tell me how I can adjust the picture.

Conny said...

the remote control is not functioning properly.... it gets non responsive very often and sometimes the STB too... what is the solution for this PEO????

I need an answer......

PEO TV said...

@ Deshal

As a answer to your question STB is capable of giving 16:9 pictures.
Video streams are 4:3 ( sri lankan broadcasting follows 4:3 ) and also we have designed menues for 4:3.

You can watch form 16:9 screen no issue in that( we use 16:9 in our show room ).

PEO TV said...

@ conny

I accept that some time STB get non responsive. It is a challenge we have to come over and we are working on that.

To solve the line condition problems you can log a call to 1243..

If the remote control is not functioning properly. Sure you can change it to another one. But if the problem not solved, our technical team will figure out what is the problem.

can you log a complain to 1243..

Deshal said...

Thanks for the answer.

We are waiting for your new chanel poll. Hope you can bring in new channels faster.

wikum said...
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wikum said...

hi Peo
cant we customize these packages?
As an example if someone has silver package and he wants to add star world?
Wat is the solution 4 dat?

Also these packages r for new customers so
Wat happened to existing customers after their 1 year contract period?

Deshal said...

Mr. PEO,

The current STB does not have an HDMI output. Also, we cannot scale the pictures to 16:9 ratio from the STB (The pictures look stretched on 16:9 due to this). Why don’t you guys give the option for the customers to change the current STB to a new one with more features (such as HDMI outputs and the scalability of the picture etc) at a cost. Those who wants to change will do so at a cost for more features.

BTW… “Waiting for the Poll” for new channels!