Monday, August 17, 2009

PEO TV launched new 3 packages

PEO TV launched 3 new packages effective from 16 th August. The packages are namely PEO Silver, PEO gold and PEO Platinum.
Here are the new package details excluding the VAT component.

1.PEO Silver(Rs 799.00)
2.PEO Gold (Rs 1399.00)
3.PEO Platinum (Rs 1799.00)

PEO TV deviates from their general package structure and introduce these 3 new packages, with the intention to add more subscribers to their subscriber base. PEO TV has realized that their 1000/= rental should get lower to attract more people to use PEO TV service. To cater that they have introduce PEO silver package for Rs 799.00 + Govt. Taxes. This is a good effort that PEO TV has taken to increase their subscriber base. The above plans give subscribers greater flexibility and freedom to choose channels according to what they can afford.

PEO Silver:

Start up fee- Rs 9950.00 + Govt. Taxes (Or Rs 5000.00 + Govt. Taxes each for 2 connections)
Monthly rental - Rs 799.00 + Govt. Taxes
Number of channels for the package- 30
TSTV monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
VOD monthly subscription - Free for 3 months
Up grading to a higher package - No charge
Additional channels- On the relevant A – la – carte prices
Commitment period - 1 year


1. Rupavahini(1)
2. Channel Eye(2)
3. ITN(3)
4. Derana(4)
5. Max TV(5)
6. Swarnawahini(6)
7. Ya Tv(49)
8. The Buddhist(46)
9. God TV(47)
10. Lak Roo(48)
11. CNN(7)
12. Al – Jazeera(10)
13. Toon Disney(45)
14. Ten Sports(35)
15. MTV(28)
16. Travel Channel(24)
17. Star Vijay(43)
18. Discovery(38)
19. Bollywood Channel(22)
20. C Music(30)
21. Taffy Kids(18)
22. Wine TV(26)
23. Trace(32)
24. Star Movies(42)
25. NDTV News(9)
26. Disney(44)
27. Cbeebies(20)
28. Euro Sports (16)
29. Euro Sports News (17)
30. FOX History (40)


Anonymous said...

Dear Admin,

Thank you for the update... what about the other package channels...?

Also will this affect existing subscriber rates and package...?

Also a update on the channels would be appreciated

Thanks and keep up the good work...!!!

Pubudu Weerathunga said...

This will not effect existing subscriber rates and packages

Nethni said...

Publish the channel line up of the gold package and platinum package..pls

coolboy said...

This is

kuku said...

This is good information about the silver package.

Anonymous said...

I want to know about Pranama package u have introduced recently.