Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ranaviru Pranama package - We salute our war heroes

The Ranaviru Pranama package exclusively caters to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. It consists of an exciting array of 23 local and international channels along with unique features such as TSTV (Time Shifted TV), Rewind TV (Pause, Rewind live television) and video on-demand content (VOD) plus a host of value added services.


Kevin said...

you guys are late do this. But I am glad you you offer this.

Deshal said...


You have gone so very quiet, what’s up?

There is a speculation that you guys are planning to increase the number of channels on PEO to a surprising level within this year and to an unmatched level within 2010. I saw this in another web blog also I think. Numbers were mentioned but I don’t think its appropriate to put the numbers down without you guys confirming this.

Please let us know if this is anywhere near the truth or it is just someone’s sweet imagination. Also this could be a rumor spread by a competitor who would want to increase the customer expectations to a level undeliverable by PEO.

For me, I don’t think the number of channels matter anyway. What matters is having few good quality channels such as Boomerang, CN, AXN, few more sports channels, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild, more Tamil channels, MTV Europe, MTV2 etc, giving trick play facility to more channels and improving on VoD.

Competition might come in from other DTH providers but what matters is understanding your strengths and improving on those rather than increasing the number of channels aimlessly.

BTW, I made a suggestion on the STB in one of my earlier posts. Didn’t get a reply.

Ravin Perera said...

My problem is the huge lag when navigating through channels. It's really painful to change channels and to scroll in the menu. Because of that, we can't watch it leisurely. When are you going to fix this?

Compared to PeoTV, DialogTV offers much better channels. As Deshal have said, it's not the number that matters, but the quality of the channels.

As I see, the only advantage of PeoTV is TimeShift TV. But I don't think most users even need it. PeoTV should focus on improving basic necessities first like the channel navigating problem.

wikum said...

nw u can activate star sports and star cricket!!!!!!!!!
Gr8 move PEO
bt still its expensive than DTV...Rs.250 4 both channels

Anonymous said...

Yes they have and its Crystal clear.... Price is too steap tho... what about ESPN and NEO cricket these two channels are a must for cricket fans... Peo keep up the good work and reduce the price... Admin pls update site accordingly...

Deshal said...

It looks as if this website has gone t winter hibernation. That’s the issue with PEO. You told us that you would listen to us and gave this URL to write. But we don’t see anything happening. You promised us a list of channels for voting but that also did not happen. Activating Star Sports and Star Cricket are good moves but I am not much of a sports fan and that does not add value to me. I want more documentary, movie and music channels added and they’d better be good ones. I don’t have a problem of paying for what I would like.

I really hope that you guys make sure that you keep the dialogue running between you guys and the subscribers. If you are going to go quite like this, nothing positive will be achieved!

Deshal said...

PEO TV must absolutely remove their logo. It is very annoying and we the subscribers should take immediate action if this is not going to happen. If they really really want to have the logo, they need to redesign it in such a way that the attention drawn to it would be minimal.

This is ugly and takes a lot of my TV screen space which I pay for! When I signed the contract with PEO TV, they did not mention that they would take viewing space on my TV screen, disturbing the information on my screen to place their poorly designed logo. I don’t need anybody meddling with my rights.

I wish these people know what their doing before they do it. I thought PEO is better managed unlike DTV, which had a bunch of losers trying to meddle with the rights of their subscribers.

Guys, if PEO does not take their logo off of the screen space that we pay for, we need to take strong action!

Deshal said...

PEO TV is acting funny. If we don’t correct them now, they will do themselves an injury harming our viewing pleasure as well. As subscribers, we must take immediate action on this. Well, we have definitely better things to do than correcting a company and we always have the ability to change the service provider. But I respect SLT’s move to bring in IPTV and I think we must give them another chance before writing them off completely.

Pubudu told us that we should go and write our comments on He further said that it is regularly checked by the management of SLT Visioncom and our comments there would help them to improve their services and we duly followed. Now, we need their administrator’s permission to post and the comments and they would not publish negative comments. They have asked us to write on this blog with the intention of taking our fundamental write of expression away from us. This is violation of human rights after inviting us so dearly onto their platform. By not allowing us to post freely, this could mean only one thing “SOMEONE HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE”.

As we know, the chairman of SLT Visioncom is a man with experience in working with high tech transnational companies and we assume that he has a broad knowledge on how the bloggers can help to improve services of a company. However, somewhere down the hierarchy, certain people would want to block the management of SLT Visioncom seeing the total picture. I think Pubudu as the administrator of the blog should know better than allowing this to happen. He has lost his credibility.

Now no one can talk about STB getting stuck, lack of channel issues, pricing problems and thousand and one other issues PEOTV has on their forum without admin approval and it is safe to assume that the management would think that these problems are non existent! How convenient. This is on top of that now SLT is displaying their poorly designed logo on the creen, blocking information that we pay for. The logo takes attention the most disturbing our right for the picture. Remember, this is not FTA, we pay for every inch of our TV screen here!

We have heard of business competition and competitors placing their people in rival companies to disturb their operations. I think blocking the negative comments and placing the logo in a manner which disturb the attention all points to the direction that SLT Visioncom is misguided by people who placed in the company by the competitors to break the loyal customer base. They must correct them immediately.

We will take the case up and I assure who so ever doing this that there will be no easy way out. We customers will make sure that our grivences would be communicated to the topmost in the company irrespective of your attepts to block them. After all, SLT is the national communications service provider, which government (people in the country) has the rights to make their statement and I assure again that those who are responsible for wrong decisions, if they are not corrected, as subscribers, we have all the right to take action. Don’t think we will quietly shift to another competitor!

All subscribers of PEOTV, its time to unite and take action!

muhammadrazzaq said...

Please let us know if this is anywhere near the truth or it is just someone’s sweet imagination. Also this could be a rumor spread by a competitor who would want to increase the customer expectations to a level undeliverable by PEO.